Enfusion’s Response to the Coronavirus Disease 2019

Enfusion at its core is designed to ensure service remains intact and clients have the flexibility to make their own internal changes to protect its employees from pandemics such as SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19). To that effect, Enfusion has taken steps to mitigate risks associated with COVID-19, while also ensuring employee health and safety remains paramount.

People + Remote Work

From a business continuity standpoint, Enfusion has determined that a pandemic, such as COVID-19, falls under Enfusion’s BCP category of ‘Office Inaccessibility’. Enfusion employees are able to work effectively and safely from home for extended periods, utilizing robust, secure, multi-factor authenticated systems. Similarly, Enfusion’s clients are able to easily access Enfusion’s software from anywhere with an internet connection, allowing such clients to have employees work from home as necessary or prudent.

Guidance + Best Practices

From a staff health and safety perspective, the Enfusion Human Resources department has been paying close attention to industry best practice, and local and governmental guidance, to ensure proper precautions are taken, including increased sanitation of offices, provisioning employees with safety tips (including social distancing where possible), disinfectant, and antiviral masks. Additionally, Enfusion has aligned its response and handling of this outbreak with the classification scale of CDC and is providing staff with very frequent updates.

Service + Operations

All staff are now working from home and prepared for changes to working situations at extremely short notice.

Enfusion has put travel restrictions and other protocols in place across the entire company in alignment with CDC risk classifications and, local and governmental guidance.

Due to our robust home working policy, there has not been, and we do not perceive a scenario where there should be, any impact on our ability to service or support our clients, prospects or partners.